Underground railroad writing activity 2nd

Language, Signs, and Symbols" section of the Pathways to Freedom website. In this activity, students will explore sites about the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad, and record some of her most notable accomplishments.

Underground Railroad Map

If students are not fairly evenly distributed, you may choose to move some students to the smaller group. What child could resist it? Describing and sketching the Memorial On a piece of paper, have students list the aspects of the Underground Railroad that most impressed them.

Divide the class into two groups, the North and the South. Imagine each student as a slave from Kentucky and allow each to develop a route that will safely take them to the North.

How is the city different from the southern plantation from which you escaped? Arrange the graphs around the outside of the room.

Identifying the Economic Resources in the Story Tell students there are many economic resources that are referred to in this story. The desire to reconnect with friends and family was strong, and most were hopeful about the changes emancipation and Reconstruction would bring.

Important black settlements also developed in other parts of British North America now parts of Canada. Civic Ideals and Practices Objectives Students will be able to: What happened if a runaway slave was caught?

Here are the lyrics to "Follow the Drinking Gourd. Then provide students with a map of the United States alternate outline map and ask them to trace the route of the Underground Railroad from Alabama to Canada. Then ask students to research one of the female abolitionists listed below and write a biography about her.

She led people to the northern free states and Canada.

Underground Railroad: On To Freedom

This was a primary grievance cited by the Union during the American Civil War[14] and the perception that Northern States ignored the fugitive slave law was a major justification for secession.

Given a Map, TLW trace the routes of the slaves on their journey north by calculating the mileage each one walked.

Identifying the Geographic Characteristics in the Story Tell students there are many geographic characteristics that are referred to in this story. Analyze the data Break students into groups of 2 or 3. Maps with mileage will be provided. Why do you think more slaves lived in this region?

He kept careful records, including short biographies of the people, that contained frequent railway metaphors. Before beginning your study of slavery, abolition, and the Underground Railroad, you might want to read Researching and Interpreting the Underground Railroad.

Writing to Inform - Your Memory to the People who Traveled, "Built" and Operated the Underground Railroad Direct student to use the ideas that they brainstormed as a class and in their sketch to write an informative essay about the people who took part in the Underground Railroad and the memorial they have designed to honor them.

Review the components of the graph: When finished, each group will share their results and critically think about the terrain of the land as well as different seasons that would have hindered or slowed the progression of the escape.

If you have comments or suggestions about our Match-up Maker, we would love to hear them! Every stanza ends with a reference to Canada as the land "where colored men are free". College essay writing service Question description this is a discussion assignment, what you have to do is to reply to my classmates posts down below.

They eventually escaped either to the North or to Canada, where slavery had been abolished during the s. The slaves face racism, work on the plantations for long hours, and should not read and write. Why or why not? Then students will complete the coded letter using some of the secret language of the Underground Railroad.

Why do you think Harriet Tubman continues to be such an American hero today? Before or after this activity, share Slavery Is In some parts of the North, slave-catchers needed police protection to exercise their federal authority.

Under the terms of the Fugitive Slave Act ofwhen suspected fugitives were seized and brought to a special magistrate known as a commissioner, they had no right to a jury trial and could not testify in their own behalf.Some of the worksheets displayed are Community and educator resources, Lesson title grade levels 4 8 two class sessions varies, The underground railroad to dom, Grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 overview, The underground railroad quilt code, Vocabulary list slavery in mississippi, Readings from the slave narratives b, Technology.

The Underground Railroad

Follow up Activity (extensions) Boxed up Worksheet - find information about Henry “Box” Brown using book or other resources such as the Internet, encyclopedias and nonfiction books.

All Aboard- Have students research the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad. Displaying all worksheets related to - The Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad

Worksheets are Discovering the underground railroad, Lesson title harriet tubman and the underground railroad, Underground railroad work, All aboard underground railroad, Underground railroad middle school teacher instructions, Congress for kids citizenship harriet tubman and the.

Find Underground Railroad lesson plans and worksheets. The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad. The second part in the journey explores how slaves used the lay of the land and the North Star to escape slavery. In this Underground Railroad activity, students discuss Hamilton Waters and Harry T.

Burleigh. Learners. Students critically explore the moral issue of slavery through reading fiction and nonfiction children's literature about the Underground Railroad, and they extend their understanding through creative writing.

The Underground Railroad was an s network of assisting escaped slaves on their path from plantations in the American south to freedom in Canada.

Detroit was one of the last “stops” on the Railroad, before escaped slaves could find their freedom in Canada.

Underground railroad writing activity 2nd
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